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About us

Every customer wants to know about the store before making a purchase. So, here are a few things about us you would like to know.

Our co-founders Mr. Ashish Satija and Mr. Nitin Satija have been in the business of books distribution since the past 25 years. UrbanBae is the extract of their experience which has grown into a destination for book lovers.

The dedicated team of our online books and stationery has worked hard to assemble a wide range of books in various categories on myriad subjects to grandeur the collection. We wish to have a long term relationship with valuable customers and the only way to establish a good rapport is to meet the need and gain trust. The word ‘trust’ here, doesn’t only signify the great array of books we offer but also represent the quality content in them as well. Bringing each and every aspect of books so the customers do not miss anything is the sole aim of our team. We are upgrading our online portal with essential commodities like:-

  • Groceries
  • School uniform
  • Ice cream cakes

Contents are the key attracting feature of books. Spelling mistakes and wrong information leave the readers in a frustrating state. Bad printing and unnecessary use of words make book reading a tricky business. However when we select our range of books, we give first preference to content as it is the hero of any book which makes reading interesting.

Books are an ocean of knowledge and are considered as true friend of human beings. The demand of books for each age group is different and even within the specific age group, necessity of a book depends upon what you do for instance, the need of a high school student is different from college goers. From picture books of preschool children to serious issues of life, social scenarios and philosophical thoughts that attract young adults and older people, all you will find here. Even the books of NCERT and CBSE are available at this store.

Online book shopping is an easy and fun experience. Buy books from online bookstore UrbanBae because this website has never neglected the commitment for quality. Our shipping companies are good enough to deliver packages on time. We have tie up with some very efficient courier companies like BlueDart and VPP for delivery in due season. We provide the best quality in the shortest time period. We assure you of a secure payment guarantee with no hidden charges.

Our group of qualified professionals work hard to meet your expectations and fulfill your desires.

  • Vast Collection of 100% genuine books on every subject
  • Books for all age groups (above +2 years)

Books available on markets are unreasonably high priced, forcing customers to pay more than the actual cost however our motive is to provide desired books in a cost effective way.

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