Managerial Economics 8th |Paperback

by D N Dewivedi (Author) , Vikas Publishing House PVT LTD (Publisher)
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Spread across 43 chapters, the eighth edition of this definitive text for MBA, MCom, BBA, CA, ICWA and CS has stood the test of time for the last 35 years because of the quality of presentation of its text, and frequent updation. It has become students’ favourite as it provides the latest theories, thoughts and applications on the subject with timely revisions to stay up-to-date all the time. Since its first edition, it has provided complete, comprehensive and authentic text on micro and macro aspects of managerial economics. It has now been revised thoroughly with added interpretations of economic theories and concepts and their application to managerial decisions.


One freshly written chapter on IS-LM, and three new chapters resultig from splitting and expansion of an earlier chapter in the areas of Demand, Monopoly and Oligopoly. The idea is to strengthen the discussion of economic theories for output and price determination and their application to managerial decisions.
About 15 new sections have been added or exsting ones expanded keeping in view the current microeconomic and macroeconomic events in the world of business (please see an indicative list in "Some New Important Sections" below).
New pedagogical tools include Chapter Objectives at the beginning of each chapter and Summary at the end.
Some New Important Sections

‘Derivation of Demand Curve with Changing Marginal Utility of Money’, and ‘Why Demand Curve Slopes Downward to Right’
‘Expansion Path of Production’ and ‘Equilibrium of Multi-plant Monopoly’
‘Theory of Interest Rate Determination’ and ‘Monetary Sector Equilibrium’
‘Current Foreign Trade Policy of India’ and ‘Current Role of the IMF’
‘Monetary Policy’ and ‘Current Scenario of CSR in India’
ISBN-13 9789325986688
Cover Type Paperback
Language English
No. Of Pages 829
Author D N Dewivedi
Publisher Vikas Publishing House PVT LTD
Country India

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